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This page contains  links to various thoughts and essays I've written on gender issues of importance to trans and intersexed identified people. They span from the time I first transitioned to the present and are now being updated regularly, if you visit the page often, be sure to occasionally "refresh" in order to see the latest additions.  One day soon I hope to expand some of these essays to a book form and welcome comments from the reader at

I also have two blogs where the more recent of my essays appear.  Riding the Second Wave and Telling My Stories

Recent Series of Essays

Wholistic Feminism 2009
"The Only Winning Move Is Not To Play" 2009
Self Image- Self Acceptance- Self Esteem 2009
Trans-Feminism vs. Feminism 2008-9
Bindle and Bailey and Blanchard Oh My!  2008
Left Behind 2008
The Dysphoric Imperative 2008
Respecting Womens Spaces 2008
Real Trans-Bigotry 2008
"Ain't I a Woman?", a modern update for transsexual women
Towards Trans Sanity  02/15/08
Not Ready for Prime Time or How the Trangender Civil Rights Movement Went Insane by Talking Only to Themselves. 01/17/08
Gender Insanity - 11/17/07
Was Janice Raymond Right? -11/12/07
Gender Exclusion is a Feminist Issue- 11/12/07


Historical Series of Essays

The following essays will attempt to span and explain our ancient roots as Cybelines including the roles of transsexual and intersexual priestesses in the worship of the Goddess..  My personal domain is and reflects the efforts of myself and others to reclaim our heritage, I have co-founded a revival of the transsexual welcoming Cybeline religion, The Maetreum of Cybele.  It is my fond hope that by shedding light the rich ancient history of transsexual priestesses as part of the Goddess traditions,  free from the prejudices that have all but been erased from memory other intersexed and transsexual women will be helped to shed the twin burdens of shame and guilt that society forced so many to wear as a mantle.  I have recently (as of Nov of 07) rewritten and added material to these essays.  Part Five is in process.

The Wisdom of Direct Knowledge, A Rebirth of the Way to Gnostic Transsexuality  03
We Are an Old People, We Are a New People: Part One, Understanding Our Roots  03
We Are an Old People, We Are a New People: Part Two, Transsexual Priestesses, Sexuality and the Goddess  03
We Are an Old People, We Are a New People: Part Three, Cybele and Her Gallae  04
We Are an Old People, We Are a New People: Part Four, Cybele in Rome  04

Various Other Essays from times past

The Harry Benjamin International Gender Association and You  97
...Of Passing Interest  97
Persistence of Vision...The Door of Perception of Gender  97
Ms. Wood Goes to Washington  97
Transgendered Medical Care, An invisible population and an ethical dilemma  97
Cathy vs. Ohio DVM, Common law name changes in Ohio and how I did it  97
Transgendered Community?  98
Galla Journey  02
Why Transsexual Separatism?  02
Some Observations  03
Feminist Consensus and Trans-Activism  03
The Transsexual Mirror Effect  03
Thoughts on Setting Up and Running a Trans-Housing Project 03

Series of Essays on My Involvement With Trans-Activism

These essays tell the story of my experiences in trans-activism.  They serve as cautionary tales for all transsexuals who would be involved in the greater gender "community", especially trans-activism, around them.  I've thought long and hard about writing these experiences in the hopes that those who had been maligning me would stop.  They never did, so here is the other side of the story from the perspective of the woman who lived it   I have now completed the series and whole story is told. I've maintained an almost complete archive of emails and each part of the series has been written only after extensive reviewing the actual events as they unfolded in those records.  I stand by every word..

Cathy's Adventures in Genderland, Part One, --The Mirror Cracked  02
Cathy's Adventures in Genderland, Part Two, --Not in Kansas Anymore 02
Cathy's Adventures in Genderland, Part Three, --Off With Her Head!  01
Cathy's Adventures in Genderland, Part Four, --The National Arena  02
Cathy's Adventures in Genderland, Part Five, --The Transflakes and Birth of NTAC  03
Cathy's Aventures in Genderland, Part Six, NTAC, --The Messy Birth of an Organization  03
Cathy's Adventures in Genderland, Part Seven, --The Board Wars  03
Cathy's Adventures in Genderland, Part Eight, --Mad Transie Disease?  03

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