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The People of Cybele and the Rule of the Cybeline Priestesses

The Life of the Cybeline Priestesses

With our adaptation of the Rule of the Women of Cybele a giant leap has been taken by reconstructionist paganism.  Our future path as a faith is lit with tried and true and historically accurate ways for us and future sisters to live together in a religious community.  As among the first of true pagan reconstructionists we Cybelines once again are taking a giant step forwards (or backwards if you prefer) to a living faith in more than name only and beyond just celebration of our holidays.  No longer can we be called a cult, we are a religious movement in our own right.  We take this step ensure that we don't become yet another "cult of personality" in the future, as happens all too often in neo-paganism,  but rather remain a faith of Sisters, initates and seekers.  We also are clearly stating the basics of Cybeline theology for those ready to embrace them or seeking the fundamentals of who we are and what we believe.

 Who are the women of Cybele?

The Community of the People of the Goddess

The Rule of the Women of the Goddess Cybele

Cybeline Theology

Who is the Mother of the Gods?

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